The Lie of the Land - PRE-ORDER FOR 12/9/24

The Lie of the Land - PRE-ORDER FOR 12/9/24

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Pre-order your copy of The Lie of the Land: Who Really Cares for the Countryside? by Guy Shrubsole for the special price of £20.00 (RRP £22.00). 

Publication date: 12 September 2024

**Offer available until midnight on 11 September 2024**

NOTE: Pre-Orders will only be posted/available to collect following the publication date above. 


For centuries we’ve been sold a lie: that you need to own the land to care for it. Just 1% of the population own half of England, and this tiny landowning elite like to present themselves as the rightful custodians of the countryside. They’re even paid billions of pounds of public money to be good stewards.

But what happens when they just don’t care? A small number of landowners have laid waste to some of our most treasured landscapes, leaving our forests bare, our rivers polluted, our moorlands burned, and our fenlands drained. Here Guy Shrubsole journeys all over Britain to expose the damage done to our land, and meet the communities fighting back: the river guardians, small farmers and trespassing activists restoring our lost wildlife. Full of rage and hope, this is a bold vision for our nation’s wild places, and how we can treat them with the awe and attention they deserve.

It’s time to demand better for nature. We can start by replacing the lie of the land with a profound truth: that any of us can care for the countryside, regardless of whether you own it.


by Guy Shrubsole (Author)
Format:Hardback 320 pages
Publisher:HarperCollins Publishers
Imprint:William Collins
Published:12 Sep 2024

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