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Do You Know Me?

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Author(s): Scott, Libby
Binding: Paperback,
Date of Publication: 02/04/2020,
Pagination: 320 pages,
ISBN13\EAN\SKU: 9780702300950,

Tally is autistic and proud.

She used to feel like she had to hide her autism, but now Tally

is determined to make sure people see who she really is.

But now Tally has a new worry - her school

trip. And that means new places, new people and new


She quickly falls in with the popular girls and is grateful that

they don't make a big deal about her autism, but it's not long

before Tally realises that, while the girls are popular,

they aren't very kind.

With a jolt Tally understands that she's not the only one who's

been made to feel like she has to hide her true self.

But will she find the strength to stand up for herself and the

people she knows are being treated unfairly, or will she stay quiet?

And will Tally ever find her people?

The second book written in collaboration with Libby Scott

When Libby's mum shared a short piece of Libby's writing online

it soon went viral, with tens of thousands of people saying that

Libby's writing helped them understand autism for the first time

This fictionalised portrayal of a young autistic

girl is written by Rebecca Westcott, in close collaboration

with Libby Scott, making it a truly original and inspirational book

that will give readers of all ages a deeper understanding of what

it's like to be autistic

Perfect for fans of The Goldfish Boy, Wonder and The

Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night-time


Can You See Me? (2019)

Do You Know Me? (2020)

Ways To Be Me (2021)

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